Cool Kid Room Decoration ideas


If you are looking to create the perfect room for your child- here are a few cool ideas on how to do that:

Find the right table

The right table in a kid’s room should fit their needs. If you are now planning a child’s room you have to remember that kids grow up. You must find a table that will be a good fit for the kid for the next 3 years at least. Try looking into desks that are a bit too high for the kid now, and combine that with a chair that has a big range in the height adjustment. Make sure the tale is spacious enough to fit a computer and homework books.

Get the pictures the kid wants!

When it comes to wall art- your kid’s taste will change through the years. Try purchasing interesting posters and prints. You can “take your kid” to Ali Express and choose a print/poster together!

Get the right carpet

Kids love to play, and they like to do so on the floor. So, a carpet is a MUST. I have found this cool Kids’ carpet on Etsy that is so cute, with all the letters of the alphabet, made especially for kids. This handmade carpet is made to order and can be shipped all over the world from the USA. The store, called The Gretest, offers a variety of carpets, bath rugs and pillow covers for you to choose from. Here’s the best one I found for your kid’s room:


Get the proper sheets

Bed sheets are a decoration choice- one you need to make every time you place sheets on the bed! Here are some cool bed sheets from Ali Express for both boys and girls:

Good luck decorating!

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