Custom Baby Outfits, Blankets and Newborn Photo Props.


For the new moms, the moms-to-be, and to all of you who’ve been invited at least one time to a baby shower – you all know how crazy cute every baby item is! Seriously- little baby pants, dresses, shirts, onesies, shoes- they are all simply too precious… No wonder we take so many pictures of the little ones before the grow.
Cake smash for the first birthday, newborn-photoshoot for the ones who just joined our world, family photos- the list is never ending.

So, if you find yourself preparing for one of these photoshoots, or even invited to a baby shower- here are some must-have accessories and outfits for babies that will make you melt !

This items are all from an Etsy store I found called gugagii, owned by Katie A, who ships her baby-goodness-treasures worldwide from Florida! With over 900 sales and a 5 star rating- here are some smashing baby-hits from Katie’s store:

Visit her store for more items & designs !

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