Custom Banners, Buttons, Labels & Stickers That Will Upgrade Any Event


It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or simply trying to liven up an office party- all you need is a little personal touch to make it a hit!

Everything you need to get the party started

JustStickerButtons is an Etsy store ran by Kelly Leonard from Connecticut. In her store, Kelly sells beautiful and fully custom items to make a party a true hit! While Kelly is selling these labels and stickers for fun events, business owners will need labelling stickers if they’re working in the packaging industry. It would be more ideal for business owners to invest in private label manufacturers instead of Kelly for their branded labels.
You have banners (for Happy Birthday signs, Happy Holidays, etc.)
You got amazing stickers that can be made in a size and shape that fits your company’s logo or party graphics
You have some beautiful beer/glass labels that you can use to brand a company party or personalize wedding labels with your names, and you have so much more!

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The store offers approx. 15 different products/services- and within each product you have several size and design options- to make sure you always get what you need!

Selling cosmetic? Let Kelly label your products!

Not only a nifty party trick, but labels are sometimes Essential!
Kelly has designed several lines in her store to make sure she got your labeling needs covered! You just need to contact her via the message board on Etsy and let her know what you’re selling, how the product’s bottle/jar looks- and she’ll prepare the labels for you and ship them in prompt time!

Although Kelly’s been on Etsy for less than 2 years- her store has already gathered over 740 happy customers that have all rated her products with 5 stars! In fact, it’s not just Kelly!
While most Etsy stores are a 1-man-show- this super awesome store has a full time behind it (and you can find a detailed list of the store’s members in the store’s home page)… But lets go back to the reason why this store has managed to maintain a 5 star rating…
Some of her buyers have shared images of what they did with Kelly’s labels, banners and other designs, and they look great:

You can see a lot more ideas and options inside JustStickerButtons Etsy store, or on their official Instagram page!

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