Custom House Portraits & Christmas Cards

Magic defiantly happens when 2 fields mix together… And there’s no better example for that than Polina Lotnik.
Polina holds two different titles that seem to be different at first- an architect, and an illustrator.
However, when the 2 meet- beautiful prints will come your way!

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In her Etsy store ArchFacadesPrint, Polina sells beautiful prints of homes and houses, as well as customize Christmas cards and prints- with your house painted on them!
My favorite Christmas card design for Polina’s store is this one, saying “Happy Holidays- from our home to yours”

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Her work is CLEAN and illustrated to perfection, with the background knowledge of architecture, and her custom house portraits are a huge hit amongst both professionals (who need house portraits for “for sale” signs and flyers) and private people (looking for anniversary or house warming gifts).

You can print her work on cards, posters, or a simple A4 page to be later on placed in a frame and hung on the wall. Her work is an Instant download file- meaning- you don’t have to wait for shipping of the actual item. All you have to do, if you want a custom house portrait from Polina is go to her Etsy store, send her a photo of your home- and get the rest of the instructions from her! Within 3-4 days you’ll have a file available for you to use as you please!

Follow Polina on Instagram & Pinterest for more designs, home ideas and lifestyle photos!

Maya Mey Aroyo

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