Custom Personalized Jewelry From Vietnam


If you’re looking for a special gift to give a loved one, or even yourself- jewelry is always a good option.
Blinging, shining, meaningful… A jewelry item can bring you so much joy with a style statement that would suit you and who you are!
There are so many different types of jewelry that a woman can wear to show off her style: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but the most unique of all are the jewelry items that hold what you hold dear- written on them.

Normally, having a special jewelry item engraved just for you with custom words or phrases could be rather expensive, but with Venussilver Store you’ll get the amazing bangle, necklace or ring- you’ve always dreamt about- in a fare price.
Handmade with love by Hieu Venussilver, this Etsy store from Hanoi, Vietnam, is a trusted store on Etsy, with over 400 sales, and 90 reviews- all 5 stars!

The selection of items in this jewelry store is quite large and you could have yourself a new engraved bangle, an Arabian name necklace, fingerprinted jewelry and more! Most of the jewelry items are created to fit your own handwriting – as the perfect personalized gift you’ll ever find on Etsy.
Here are some of my personal favorite items from this seller:

With over 7,000 followers in total following this store on Facebook and Instagram– this seller is surely doing something right! Amazing delicate handwork and of course- an eye for all of the smallest of details- to make sure that clients are always satisfied with his work!
Visit this Etsy store to see over 120 designs and ideas, and of course have a look at this Instagram video they have shared and see how the magic happens:

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