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If you’re looking for a special way to decorate your home, or a special custom gift for a friend or loved one- Etsy is the place for you.
Within Etsy you’ll find so many items people are making with their two hands… Some of them will be crafty items like jewelry, furniture, etc, while other items are painted, sketched or graphically designed.

As I was looking for a gift for a friend who owns the cutest Pomeranian, I found AKYcreations.

Baby Owl Pen Drawing, Digital Print, Downloadable File

AKYcreations is an Etsy store owned by a woman named Anita. In her little Etsy boutique Anita sells digital files (ones you can download instantly and print at home), along side fine art prints- and custom pet portraits!

Here are just some of her amazing creations:

Anita’s shop for custom pet portraits and fine art prints is a new addition to the Etsy family, and as she just launched her shop last week she is handing a 10% off coupon with the code- SHOPLAUNCH.

Custom Pet Portrait Graphite Pencil Drawing

If you like Anita’s work- go ahead and follow her Instagram page-
you’ll see a lot more custom drawings, sketches and paintings
as she develops her craft and business!

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Visit AKYcreations shop for more!

Custom Pet Portrait Watercolor Painting, SHIPPING INCLUDED

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