Custom Printed Clothing by Tina Jansen


One of the best things you can find on Etsy, the biggest online handmade market, is CLOTHES!
All sizes and shapes, all colors and styles- made for everyone!
Within these Etsy stores that sell clothes, you’ll find 3 types of sellers:
1. Who sell retro clothes they have collected or inherited.
2. Stitchers- making clothes from fabrics.
3. People who use graphic design to make ordinary clothes- a lot more individual!

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Tina Jansen is the third kind.
In her Etsy store, MeatShopShirts, Tina sells beautiful tops (and occasionally underwear, totes and other items) printed with her whimsical designs- meant to fit everyone and can be fully customized!
Her designs are super sweet, ones every woman would feel sweet to wear. They approach everyone- dog-parents, scifi fans, fitness buffs, pride-community and more.

Here are just some of my personal favorite Tops from Tina’s store:

A second chance

Coffee Lover Tote Bag :: Reusable Bags :: Sleep is for the weak :: Grocery BagsTina opened her Etsy store about a year ago.
However, she had a personal matter that made it hard for her to complete some of her orders on time.

Tina’s designs- are her work, and she wanted to tell people to please, look past some of the unfavorable  reviews and give her a second chance.
All she wants now is to nurture her store and provide people with fun things to wear… I say we give her that!

Visit Tina’s store to see more unique designs!
Or follow her on Facebook / Instagram for constant updates!

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