Custom Wedding Portrait- The Perfect Anniversary Gift


Looking for the perfect anniversary gift could be quite a hassle, especially in these crazy Coronavirus times. Going out, searching for a gift in the few shops that are open, can prove to be a challenge, but maybe this post would help.
Custom wedding portraits are all over Etsy, in a variety of styles and prices. There are so many Etsy shops that would create a HUGE and colorful portrait of your wedding- a custom digital portrait you’ll have to find a print shop to print it in. Counter-productive, ha?
But, if you know where to look- you’ll find that there are custom wedding portraits that you can simply print at home, on an A4 printer paper, or even half the size of one, in black and white.
Combine it with a Dollar-Tree frame- and you got yourself a unique and thoughtful anniversary gift for your wife or husband.

Custom Wedding Portrait- Digital Pencil Sketch

In my Etsy shop you’ll find a special item, for only $15, a custom made portrait of your wedding, a digital black and white pencil sketch, that is simple and beautiful, elegant, and could go with any design style.

pencil art portrait for anniversary gift ideas wedding portrait

This special wedding portrait in pencil colors is done from a photo of your wedding day, using a simple black digital pencil brush- easy to print at home and frame in a variety of sizes!

custom wedding portrait pencil sketch art

With this personalized wedding portrait you could add your names, the date you ordered it, or the date you got married. A special way of showing the one you love just how much you are still in love after all these years <3

A Beautiful Anniversary Gift for Husband or Wife

This simple, yet, heartwarming printable, is a beautiful anniversary gift for wife or husband, and can be made within days of ordering, to help you speed up the gift-purchasing part. No need to wait weeks or even months- for the wedding portrait to arrive by mail.

digital wedding portrait painting pencil sketch

To get this beautiful pencil portrait from photo of your wedding day- all you need to do is send me the photo you want me to draw- and the names/dates or even quote- you’d like me to place on the anniversary portrait.
You could write the lyrics of your wedding song, a favorite love quote, or simply write “Forever”.

custom portrait for wedding couples

This custom wedding portrait can be made vertically, horizontally, or as an even square, to fit any frame size you want, and that fits the space you have in your home.
If you want to place this wedding portrait at home- get the horizontal or square portrait option, for better placing around the house. Or, get a vertical wedding portrait- to frame and give the one you love to place in their office- to always remember that someone is waiting home for them, at the end of each long day.

custom wedding portrait pencil art

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Anniversary gift custom wedding portrait
and other unique Portraits & printables

custom bride and groom wedding portrait

Happy Anniversary <3

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