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If you’re running a business, a big clothing company or a small Etsy brand,
you’re going to need to brand yourself!

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One of the most unique ways of branding- is using tags made from either wood or leather. As apposed to simple fabric tags, wooden or leather tags show people “you mean business” and give that extra edge to your business and personal artistic style!

One of the things I love most about Etsy- is that even Etsy sellers would easily be able to find shops there with items that will help them sell better and brand their small boutique- shops like JSLaserCraft that makes the most amazing tags from wood or leather- great for branding your products or even for small gifts- like wedding showers or birthdays!

With 3000+ sales- this shop has managed to maintain a perfect 5 star score- and by looking at the quality of their work- I can understand why!

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