Delicate Sterling Silver Jewelry Shenzhen, China


When people try to think of Jewelry and China in the same time they usually jump towards websites like AliExpress, where Chinese factories sell mass produced items in a very cheap price.
However, with cheap price- comes cheap quality, and Fina has a lot more to offer than cheap quality jewelry.

A couple living in Shenzhen, China, has made it their goal to spread love and bliss using their skills in jewelry crafting. Working with the finest sterling silver, the two are making beautiful and delicate one of a kind jewelry items- that you are going to love!

Spring warm : 925 Sterling Silver Enamel Brooch-Gift for her

Hand painted enamel necklaces, silver cross earrings, beautiful animal brooches, feather pendants, red and silver heart rings, leaves earrings, and much more!

They have been doing all that from their new Etsy shop- JRworkshopArt!

As this shop is truly a family business, here’s what Joshua had to say about his venture with his beloved:

My wife and I are university classmates. We majored in Fine Arts and since then we have been engaged in Visual Design for many years. Because of my enthusiasm for handcraft, I self-studied metal-craft skill and set up a small studio with the help of my wife. We’ve been devoted to the whole process , from design to production,All of our pieces are made by hand in our shop, one at a time. We take a lot of pride in handcrafting our work with love…

Visit JRworkshopArt Etsy shop today for more!

Twinkling stars : 925 Silver Transparent Enamel Cross Drop Earrings-Gift for her

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