Dennis & Kenz, and Their Vinyl Decals


For many years now there has been a growing trend of vinyl decals.
Unlike wall paper of simple paper stickers, vinyl decals have been used to decorate walls, musical instruments, furniture, car windows, and so many other everyday items in a way that paper will never be able to!
Vinyl decals are easier to stick-out, leaving less damage to the surface (or none at all) than their paper counterparts, and they are far more appealing and attractive to the eye with their incredible bright and smooth finish!

One great place to find wall and car vinyl decals for all kinds of purposes is DaisyVinylCo– a unique vinyl decal Etsy shop owned by Dennis & Kenz.

With the shop being open less than a year, I was amazed to find out that this Canadian Etsy boutique has over 640 sales!! An amazing number, considering the huge online competition for wall and car vinyl decals… Leading me to one conclusion- Dennis & Kenz’s wall and car decals are vinyl perfection !

Liked the vinyl decals you’ve seen on this post?
There are more than 600 designs
Plus some exciting mugs and accessories
waiting for you at DaisyVinylCo Etsy shop!

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