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A lot of people believe that there’s something out there… This great knowledge that we are denied access to… discover-yourself-tarot-readingSomething you just need to want to “tap into”- but it’s there.
One of the most ancient and popular ways to tap into the unknown is with the power of Tarot cards.

Reading in the cards is something anyone can do… Anyone can open the deck and place cards on the table. However, it takes years of practice and study to understand exactly what each card means. Some cards have a certain meaning, though if combined with another card, or if they come out of the pack upside-down- they have a totally different meaning- and it’s those differences that could really change the message hidden in the cards.

People go to a professional tarot cards reader for many reasons… They want to ask about their future, or find out more about their past. Some go to seek financial advice, but for most parts- people want to know about the most important thing in life- LOVE.
As I was writing my previous article about an Etsy store called The Cards And Vine, I saw that not only is the seller, Theresa, selling amazing herbs, natural perfumes and special salt and herbal tea-bath-bags- but she also offers Tarot reading for people, over the email. Meaning- if you purchase one of her readings- she will open the cards for you and send you the result over email. This is a special and unique service over Etsy, and one that can truly help you in life- when done by the hands of a professional.


The process is simple- in her store you’ll find the different readings she can do for you- meaning, every listing is referring to a different “cards design” in which she could look into your life and give you insight from her readings. Here are some of the readings you could ask for with Theresa:
A Celtic Cross Spread Tarot reading- for relationships
A Goal Achievement Tarot Reading
A Love Tarot Reading about how to attract the right person to your life
A Relationship Snapshot Spread that will shed light on your current relationship
A Reunite with Ex Reading- to learn how to reconnect with a lost love
And the most unique one I have seen so far- a special Addressing Anxiety Tarot Spread, telling you what is the source of your anxiety so you could better control it.


After you select the listing you want you’ll need to select which deck of cards you want Theresa to use for this reading- out of 4 options:


This is one of the coolest stores on Etsy cause this service is not something you’ll need to go to the post office to collect. Once you order, and provide as many details about yourself and what you need this reading to show you, Theresa will send you a PDF with the reading results- straight to your email.

So… Feeling a bit stuck in life? Try Theresa’s readings, I’m pretty sure they could help make you see things different.

For more information and products you can visit her on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Good luck Theresa!!

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