Discovering Etsy After 40 Years in the Business


Etsy, the online shopping mall for handmade goods, attracts a lot of people to it every day. People who come to shop and people who come to sell, all in this online arena of art and accessories.
It is true that Etsy has changed our lives a lot, and has given many people their bread and butter, a way to support their families by starting new businesses.

However, not all Etsy sellers are just starting now.
Meet Donnie Sinkey, from Costa Mesa, California.
Donnie is the proud owner of a physical shop by the name of American Jewelry & Loan.
His local business has been operating for the past 3-4 DECADES! Can you imagine that?

american jewelry and loan shop at costa mesa california

A couple of years ago- Donnie decided to open his Etsy shop, selling items he has in his physical store, maximizing profits from an existing business, and taking a huge leap into a different generation’s marketplace.

This huge leap of faith has already landed Donnie with 250+ sales, and I personally hope his shop will see a lot more!

Religious Cross Necklace Pendant in 18k Gold White Cinnamon Quartz 1917 Elgin 0s Model 2 Grade 417 14K Gold Pocket Watch Pocketwatch Fancy Ladies

Though it might look hard going through 150 items on Donnie’s online shop, to me it felt as if I was in the flee market, or at his actual shop… Discovering items as I go.
Here are my favorite finds from Donnies Etsy shop AJLCM:

1964 Mexico Mint 6 Coin Set Mexican Money Silver Dollar Peso Centavo Cinquenta Vintage 1930s E.D. Bullard Miner First Aid Kit Box San Francisco Green Horse Head Green Malachite Ruby 18k Gold Necklace Pendant Vintage 1950's Showa Tin Litho Toy Patrol Jeep Friction Japan Back Seat Gun 1965 Ohio Car License Plate Pair White Red Original Rat Rod Garage Bar Pub Decor 800 Silver Airplane Paper Air Plane Figure Italian Trinket

So many unique vintage items, with great sentimental value and a scent of the good old days.
Donnies items can be a gift to a person you love, a person gift or a gift for a housewarming party.
However, you might find a special gift in Donnie’s shop- a gift for yourself.

The Boy Scouts In The Saddle by Robert Shaler 1914 Antique Book 1968 Parker Brothers 4859 The Flying Nun Board Game Vintage Toy 1890 Elgin 0s Model 1 Grade 110 11 Jewel Pocket Watch Lever Set Movement For Parts or Repair

Make sure to visit this shop every few days… As this is a business working with one of a kind vintage finds- items get sold all the time- while new items are being uploaded!!

Discover the full vintage treasure on
AJLCM Etsy shop!

Religious Cross Necklace Pendant in 18k Gold Clear Frosted Quartz Turquoise 1881 US Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Bolo Tie Western Outfit Accesory

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