DIY Turn Old Pants To A New Sunglasses Holder


I strongly believe that a good DIY will always be solving you 2 problems, the first being “What should I do whit that old thing I have lying around the house?”, the second being “What do I need?”.

Every woman has that old pair of pants that makes her feel fat.

And so do I. Or more true will be to say- so did I. Iv’e had these amazing trousers in the colour of deep blue that I haven’t wore in ages. It’s not that they don’t fit me anymore and I need to lose weight, it’s just that they are old, were very cheap and seemed like a good idea at the time. Last few times I wore them I just felt they are making me look fat and awkward. So that was my first problem- what to do with them?

My second problem was my sunglasses, or more like the lack of them. It’s not that I don’t have sunglasses, I do, and they are awesome. It’s just that I keep loosing them. So I looked at my old pair of blues and decided to make myself my own sunglasses holder, and hang it on the wall. Using the pocket of my trousers, a new canvas, a very good staple gun and few rivets- I made myself the ultimate sunglasses holder / picture (Ingredients in the main picture). And here’s how I did it:

Step 1- Cut the trousers’ pocket to fit the canvas


Step 2- Choose the rivets you want to use

Since my trousers already had a little golden bud on them, I chose to go with my golden rivets that I bought on Ali Express. I did a little pattern at the side of the pocket and added some more on the sides… (See final picture to see how it turned out).

diy-old-pants-pocket-picture-3 diy-old-pants-pocket-picture-4If you have never used rivets before, well, you should start, but know this- it could injure you and be quite annoying if it gets in the area between your finger and you nail. So either do it slowly or wear one of those tiny metal thingy’s your grandma used to wear on her thumb when she was sawing.

Step 3- Staple away!

Start with stapling the top, than look around and see that it looks right. Follow by stapling 2 more sides of the canvas, cut remaining fabric, than staple the fourth side. Mind yourself with stapling the corners, you need to make sure to get them just right- and not hurt your self in the process.


Step 4- Look and admire


Step 5- Hang them on the wall!

Make sure you are using a good staple gun. I used to use the orange one you see here and got very bad results with it. Now, using my new shiny RAPID staple gun- I’m a happy girl.


Like to try this yourself? If you do, make sure to post a picture of it on The Women Team’s Facebook wall, I’d love to see other people getting creative as well 🙂

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