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If you’re looking for an Etsy store to inspire you- you have come to the right place! Meet DreamySeahorse Etsy store, owned by Tasha, a relatively new seller on Etsy.
Selling printable nautical and coastal art, Tasha started her store a couple of months ago, right at the end of the year 2016. Her summer internship on Nantucket as a student was the main trigger of this event, and her main inspiration point. She had fallen in love with the atmosphere and the consistent coastal style of the architecture and interior design on the island… Leading her to sketch away dreams and ocean views.

In her store you’ll find instantly downloadable digital prints ready for you to print them on any type of paper you see fitting to your home decor. That type of selling in Etsy has become rapidly popular, as people don’t want to wait days or weeks to get their products… With instant downloads- you never have to!

What I loved most about Tasha’s store is that it holds very different styles, ones that could fit everyone, at any age, looking to decorate almost any room.
From the one hand you have the CLEAN art form, the neat paper holding an image of the ocean inside of it, and nothing else around it but a blank sheet of paper:

On the other hand you have the contradicting dark colors, taking dominance on the room wherever they are placed in, with a bright light inside of them- acting as the painting:

You also have the gentle and soft pastel-like printables, who would look amazing in nurseries as well as young boys and girls’ rooms, or even your bedroom:

You can find over 70 designs in Tasha’s Etsy store that will allow you to bring in some nature and ocean energy into your home and/or office space. So click here to see what more Tasha has in store for you!

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