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If you feel like having a dog in the house means nothing, and that a dog is just a dog- feel free to skip this post. However, if your dog is your best friend, if the puppy you brought has become an instant family member, if you see the love I see in dogs- this post is for you! If you’re looking for more posts pertaining to our pooch pals, you might want to check out Stop That Dog to see some cool articles about caring for your dog.

Pet care & accessories

There are so many pet accessories out there, made mostly for 2 main uses- fashion & fun VS pet care and concern. Combining these 2 different elements is what lead to the creation of so many pet products like this dog harness. The doggy clean-teeth snack is a good example for that combo- while making sure your dog’s teeth are clean- you are also giving them a fun treat! Or, if they get stressed out you can double up the treat with something to help them chill out like CBD infused dog treats – you can get them here. After all, you’ll want to obviously be making sure that your pet is healthy. This isn’t just in making sure that your dog has clean teeth, but also that your dog is getting enough exercise. If you struggle with taking your dog for a walk, then you could take a look at something like this dog walking service to help you out, and make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise.

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

In this sweet combo we also have the topic of dog wear!
Now, it’s true that dogs have their own fur, and while in nature animals are always born with the fur they need to adjust- these days we have a different situation.
As people are spread across the planet, and as the dog became a house pet and not a free animal in the wild- you must always remember that your dog might not have the fur they need to handle your weather in your hometown!
For that- you have the cover ups, the sweaters, and every clothing item that was meant to keep dogs warm!

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

However, as I said before, this topic of dog and pet fashion accessories- is still a combo since… We simply love to see our little babies all dressed up!
Great for family photos, for events, and for daily trips and tours, having a dog with a beautiful sweater is simply a vision that cannot be appreciated by people who don’t like dogs (who are those people???!!).

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

The name to remember is BobbieGlue

Whenever I have a topic in mind, something I like to talk about with you gals, I always go to Etsy. I was sure that in the huge handmade marketplace that is Etsy, there will be at least few stores that create beautiful dog sweaters that are both beautiful and functional… And I wasn’t wrong!

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

Meet BobbieGlue, a super awesome Etsy store for your dog or puppy, filled with beautiful Alpaca wool sweaters for maximum comfort and warmth! Well, and style, too 🙂
When it comes to your dog- you need the best quality.
As much as we think we get our pets and they get us- you need to remember that a dog cannot express their feelings in words, so it’s important to find a good sweater that won’t itch or hurt their fur and/or skin.
Buying cheap polyester is simply not an option, and having beautiful boutiques like BobbieGlue proves that you can have that much needed style- with warmth and quality that can only be achieved by using the right materials. In this case- high quality Alpaca wool.

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

The store is owned by Cynthia Olcese, who held this beautiful doggy-brand since 2003, manufacturing beautiful puppy and dog sweaters for the European Union. However, with this Etsy store live- shipping to the US is opened! In fact, all of these beautiful sweaters she makes are shipped worldwide from Pennsylvania, USA, making sure every dog in the world could be happy, warm and stylish!

What I love most about this store is that you could also enjoy a set of sweaters- one for you and one for your friend-on-all-fours! Isn’t that awesome?

As much as this store is keen on making sweaters from the best Alpaca wool there is, it’s important to note that some climates won’t fit this fabric. In warmer places, having a woolen sweater could be very bad for your dog… That’s why this beautiful person placed in her material-box other fabrics than Alpaca wool, that are more suitable for warmer climates.

BobbieGlue Alpaca Dog Sweaters dog clothing pet fashion

You can follow this beautiful PUPPY LOVE store on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure you’re always the first to know about new designs and potential promotions!
Visit BobbieGlue Etsy store to see more!

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