Dress Up With Nature Prints- While Helping Save The Forests!


There is a definite rise in projects relating to the environment, and more and more people are trying to find ways to save our planet. Saving the forests is one great cause- as we need these forests to balance the oxygen in the air, and provide a home for many animals and plants- all contributing to “the grand plan” our ecosystem.

One Etsy store helps you do just that… Oh- and get cool wearable items too!

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The beautiful items above me can all be found on WildWithinCo Etsy shop- a shop dedicated to saving the planet!

These items are made using production partners. Different vendors in Canada and in the US, working to print the designs made by the artist running the shop- Kelso.

Here’s how it works:

Every product sold goes toward reforestation efforts around the world. You can choose where your trees are planted if you leave a note when ordering.
Current projects include:
North America: British Colombia, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon
Latin America: Brazil, Haiti, Guatemala, Peru (Amazon Rainforest)
Asia: India, Indonesia, Australia
Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania
If no note is left, the California forest fire project will be supported.

Succulent Print Dress | Hippie Clothes | Festival Clothing | Boho Bohemian | Psychedelic Geometric | Plant Nature Aesthetic Kawaii Cute Psy

(taken from a shop’s listing’s product description)

If you want to know more about Kelso, reforesting or
discover more designs
Visit to WildWithinCo Etsy shop today!

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