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Edna-Catherine-Quality-Vintage-Jewelllery-etsy-store-earringsHey ladies,
After the latest Vintage post, I am all jazzed up about old and story-filled jewellery that I just can’t stop checking Etsy for vintage necklaces and earrings! That’s when I came across a lovely collector called Lisa M. Cahill. Lisa is living in Florida, US, and is selling items of her vintage collection.

Meet Lisa. You’ll Thank Me Later.

if you are looking for the best vintage bangles, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings- you will find amazing designs in Lisa’s store, called Edna-Catherine. Lisa’s goal is to bring wearable, affordable and quality vintage jewellery to more and more people in the world. Lisa’s store, Edna Catherine is changing daily, as she brings you new items on a daily basis. After finding vintage pieces, Lisa cleans them, research their brand and ingredients value, and photographs each piece in a variety of angels, so you can have a visual of how the piece is going to look once arrived to you. If you are thinking about getting a vintage piece of jewellery from her store but want to see more photos of that piece you can send Lisa a message asking for more images or information on a specific jewel.


More And More To Come

The coolest thing about this sellers is that she can find stuff for you! If you went through her vintage collection and didn’t find the piece of jewellery you always dreamed about… Simply send her a message via the Etsy platform and ASK! As new products arrive all the time, and Lisa’s main focus is to clean them. photograph them and ship out orders- she doesn’t always have the time to upload all new items to her store. After talking to Lisa she told me that she often finds herself sending vintage-lovers photos of the jewellery she did not have time to upload, and if they like a piece and want to purchase it- she instantly creates an Etsy list just for that item- for that client’s eyes only!

A Message From The Seller

Thank you for buying vintage, you are saving the landfills and preserving jewellery history all in one!

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