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I’ve had a special place in my heart for jewelry designer Efrat Makov ever since I first saw her store on Etsy, Being a fellow Israeli and all. However, her being Israeli is not the only reason that I loved her Etsy store so much- that is defiantly a result of her crafty hands and creative minds- making beautiful jewelry items- and surprising me all the time with new collections and super stylish items.

You can see, by the look of the high attention to details- that Efrat LOVES what she does, she loves making jewelry and coming up with new ideas. However, jewelry making wasn’t her first career choice.
She studied Accounting and Economics in the University of Tel Aviv, where she also happened to meet her husband. 20 years in Finance have landed Efrat roles like a CFO of public huge companies, but her heart always wanted to move the hands, do some sort of craft work.

In her Etsy store, Efrat talks about her start as a jewelry designer:

So.. I fell in love with “goldsmithing”..
I have a studio in my house, located in a small village in Israel where I design and create in gold, sterling silver, brass pearls and gem stones delicate and romantic, a bit “vintagy” jewelry.
The jewelry are inspired by my love for nature and beauty and designed for women in all ages. Many of them can suit brides beautifully.

If you have the perfect jewel in mind- you can always contact Efrat via her Etsy store or Facebook and consult with her about a special design- just for you! But regardless of that- you might find new inspiration and just the jewel you need in her Etsy store! Here are my favorite items from her store:

Efrat offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide, so make sure to check out for her new collections and promotions via her Etsy store, or social channels!
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