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One of the things I love most about Etsy, the online shopping market for handmade goods, is the fact that you will be able to find EVERYTHING there! Made by hand, with a lot of love. Did you know there are four main fragrance families that are used to help categorise perfumes? From a floral scent to something fresh, everyone has their preferences. One thing to keep in mind though, is that perfume has a load of chemicals in it, that some people might be allergic to. For more information, why don’t you take a look at this page about perfume allergy here.

As some people took their simple “small” hobbies and opened Etsy shops to sell their crafts, other people are using Etsy to expand their client pool for an existing product- giving you the chance to enjoy items that were strictly exclusive just few months ago.

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One of these shops is The Perfumist.
A Texas based shop, owned by Alex Kam, who makes perfumes as a long family tradition.
This brand, product line and quality has been around for more than a century, perfecting the perfume business before people even knew what a computer is.
If you look back 100 years you’ll see that perfumes were not the everyday items they are today, but they were mostly the privilege of royalty and kings.
Only people of high-class could afford to have perfumes and colognes, and Alex’s family was one of the main leading perfume makers for kings and royals in the middle east.

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In this unique shop you’ll be able to find perfume bottles, oil perfumes, incense and more!

This knowledge and special craft was passed down from father to son, and with over 100 years of experience, mixing the old knowledge with new technology- you can rest assure that this shop will give you the highest quality perfumes can be manufactured in.

Alex talks about his traditions, family and the perfume business in his Etsy shop:

The job of a Perfumist or a perfume maker in Arabic is called “Attar” it’s considered one of the oldest, hardest, and most respectful jobs. The first documented perfume made in history was in the middle-east, the art of perfume was refined by Arabs and Persians in the middle east. Islamic culture was the main reason for the development of western perfumery.

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Wait, aren’t perfumes French?

The French took the steam distillation process from the Arabs and the world of perfumery will owe two Arabic men forever, Al-Kindi, and J?bir ibn Hayy?n. We belong to that school, we are not just perfume makers and collectors we are connoisseurs and purists in one of the oldest and most sophisticated arts in the world, perfumery.

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If you like to see more of Alex’s family’s works-
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Inspiration awaits you there…

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