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There are so many big and annoying things to take care of when planning a wedding. The catering the hall, the dress… But the small items, the little accessories- are what makes us sane again! Finding that beautiful vintage small item, or just the right centre-piece, or a funny reminder during the day that this is in fact a day to celebrate!

With all of the new wedding traditions rising, I think we should try taking a step back, and have something a bit older to make the day complete.
The concept of men, women and their handkerchiefs is not dead, and a good example for that is EpicallyEmbroidered, an online store that celebrates your special occasions with you, using witty and sweet Embroidered handkerchiefs and other wedding accessories.

Here are my favorite handkerchiefs from this awesome store:

No ugly crying, bitch Hankie for Dad Keep Your Shit Together Hanky

On top of having the best wedding accessories, from time to time, this online store creates amazing new collections fitting to daily trends… Like this set that revolves around true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder.:

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