Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets by a Mother-Daughter Team


Every mother-daughter relationship is different, with different women loving different things- to do, to read, to buy. However, I find that Etsy is a great place to find unique mother-daughter relationships, as, in many cases, an Etsy shop is born when a mother and her daughter team up and combine their individual skill sets and interests.

A great example for this kind of mother-daughter bond- is the one you’ll see at BarKayCreations Etsy shop.
The name of the shop, BarKayCreations, combines the names of the two women, Barbara, the mother, and Kayla, her daughter. Together- they make and sell beautiful essential oils diffuser bracelets.

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Living together in sunny Florida, Barbara and Kayla were both taken by the “essential oil way”, as I like to call it. With Kayla’s aromatherapy aspirations, the two decided to explore just how much essential oils help you in your everyday life.
The most instant effect of these essential oils is calming, relieving stress, and helping deal with anxiety…. And what better way to do it than wear a really unique stone based bracelet?

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Barbara and Kayla’s bracelets are actually oil diffusers, meaning- you’ll be pouring drops of essential oils onto their “bead cracks” and have that oil slowly surface in the course of several hours.
All while looking stylish as can be !

So far the two have spent most of their efforts selling in person, in their area of living, to people who found comfort in these diffuser bracelets. Seeing how much people’s lives were touched by these special aromatherapy diffusing bracelets- Barbara decided it’s time to share the joy with the world- and take their bracelets online to Etsy- helping out even more people!

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Like what you see here?
Go to BarKayCreations Etsy shop for more!

NOTE: as the store progress, the two plan on adding other items, such as necklaces and earrings… So if you like what you see- make sure to Favorite BarKayCreations shop- for all the updates on new items and promotions!

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