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A lot of people adore vintage jewelry items, I am one of them.
If you’re one too- this post is just for you!

Meet Elizabeth Simpson from Oregon-
As a way to pay her student debts, Elizabeth sold jewelry items she had in her possession… Not even knowing what their real value was!
Over the years, as she got the best education and started actively being involved in the gem industry (studying to be a gemologist) – she had discovered the true value of what she had- and turned that into a business!

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In her company EMS Estates, Elizabeth provides a valuable service to people who have inherited jewelry from family or friends. To complete that business from all angles, she also sells beautiful vintage jewelry pieces, alongside jewelry items she had crafted, in her Etsy store TheJeweledCrescent.

Antique Victorian Gold Plated Turquoise and Turquoise Enamel Hair Pin, Victorian Hair Pin, Antique Hair Pin, Hairpin, Victorian Hairpin

Seeing what Elizabeth has written about her gem-journey was amazing to me. My favorite part in her about us section was this:

When I left the consulting world to pursue my dream of becoming a gemologist, I trained with the best in the world, the Gemological Institute of America. At the GIA, I earned the industry’s most prestigious credential as a Graduate Gemologist. My degree certifies my ability to identify, evaluate, and grade diamonds and other gemstones, a technical skill that is the foundation for accurate jewelry appraisals. With EMS Estates and The Jeweled Crescent, my dreams have come true.

Victorian Amethyst Seed Pearl 10K Lavalier, Victorian Amethyst Pearl Lavalier, Victorian Amethyst Pearl Lavalier, Victorian Pearl Amethyst

Like any of the jewelry in this post?
Visit Elizabeth’s store for much more!

Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine Sterling Silver Ring Made in Israel, Garnet Amethyst Citrine Ring, Made in Israel, February January November

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