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Bloodwood Chrome Letter Opener - Handcrafted Wood & Chrome Letter Opener By Whiddenswoodshop

Meet John Shatney from Pennsylvania, United States.
With an interesting background story and family tales, John started making items like pens, keychains, winestoppers, and bowls… Creating and crafting his way through life.
In his Etsy shop, WhiddensWoodshop, you’d find his unique collection of handcrafted pens, alongside some unique wooden handmade letter openers… A treat for any office man, or woman.

My great grandfather, Stephen Ernest Whidden, was a carpenter. He ran a carpentry shop along with Mr. Decatur and Mr. Smith on the North East corner of Broad Street and Lincoln Terrace in Peekskill New York back in the 1920s.
((John talks about his Background in his Etsy shop))
My grandfather, Ernest Richard Whidden, built airplanes for a living, but in his spare time he enjoyed carpentry.

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Inspired by their legacy, I decided in 2014 to begin learning about woodworking. I purchased a lathe for wood and as I already had a Metal tooling lathe (as I had experience in metal fabrication), it didn’t take long for me to pick it up. I began to make projects such as pens, keychains, winestoppers, and bowls. As I continue my journey, I intend to master my skills and produce both functional wooden pieces and fine art.

Bird's Eye Maple Chrome Letter Opener - Handcrafted Wood & Chrome Letter Opener By Whiddenswoodshop

One of the reasons why I love John’s shop so much- is probably because I always get so confused before shopping for a guy. I mean, what can you get your dad or boyfriend?
When you’re young it easy to give gifts, people will think everything you get is CUTE. But as an adult, wanting to get an adult gift to a man? High quality hand crafted pens are one of the safest bets here!
And when they look as good as John makes them- even better!

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