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One of the things I love most about Etsy, the online mall for handmade items, is the fact that you can get so many different items, made by different people, who had different things inspire them…
This huge online treasure market is also a great way of enjoying traditional crafts from different materials, and a whole other social and spiritual influence.

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One of these shops is MD Wooden Art.
MD Wooden Art is a family owned shop- from Lithuania!
The couple who owns this shop started learning how to craft magic wood about 10 years ago,… and the unique method they were taught- is now the leading line in their wooden accessory collections.

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MD Wooden Art is one unique gift shop with wood being the main material- and magic the main craft!
Magical wooden hair pins, wooden combs, wooden jewelry boxes, and even wooden iPhone stands!

Here are just some of my favorite wooden gifts from this shop: 

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For more details, prices and items- visit
MD Wooden Art Etsy store
or MD Wooden official website!


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