Fashion Fun for your Little One


Looking for something extra special for your kids to wear? Looking for a unique outfit for a family event? Or maybe you have a friend who just gave birth and you’re looking for the perfect “I’m coming home” gift for the little one? I have just the store for you!
SewHEREZMimi Etsy store, owned by Deb Whitehead, is a lovely Etsy store that celebrates the love for little-fashion with handmade unique items, delivered to you worldwide from Georgia, United States.
Here are some of the amazing items you’ll find there:

Ring Bearer Vest for your Boy

ring-bearer-vest-stone-beige-infant-2 ring-bearer-vest-stone-beige-infant

Coming Home Set in Pink for your Newborn Daughter


Cat in the Hat Infant Set with a Diaper and Tie

cat-in-a-hat-baby-clothing cat-in-a-hat-baby

These are just some of the amazing handmade designs from this Etsy seller, and as you can see they are made with a lot of love!
Make sure to visit the store to see more and also the store’s Facebook page
adorable designs for your little ones!

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