Felted Baby Alpaca & Other Fuzzy Friends by LozzaFelts


Who doesn’t love felted plushies?
Felted creations can bring so much joy into your life! Often used for decorations, as if they were figurines, small felted animals are simply adorable to have around the house! You can use them to decorate your cabines, create a small felted farm in your home, or even create a unique keychain from them!
As a fan of the latest Alpaca trend, I set out to search for some cute felted alpaca plushies on Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade goods.

Felted Baby Alpaca Plushie

After scrolling around Etsy for a bit, I came across LozzaFelts Etsy shop, owned by Lauren Ashley.
In her shop, Lauren has created a unique collection of adorable felted toys, including 1 unique alpaca plushie, that can be made with 3 types of color and texture fur.
These special baby alpaca plushies are hand-felted by Lauren, and made to order. They are about the size of your hand- perfect to give yourself as the cutest thing ever!

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The Woman Behind The Felt

24 Years old Lauren Ashley, started needle felting only few weeks ago – could you believe it??
She found the art of felting fascinating, and taught herself how to needle felt and create unique small felted plush animals- made from 100% wool.
This UK felt artist in the rising is currently focused on adding a bit more cuteness into the world, as you can see in her shops that revolves mostly around felted plush toys of baby animals!

I’m very creative and put a lot of passion into illustration and needle felting. (Says Lauren in her Etsy bio)
On every piece I make sure to take my time, it’s quality over quantity for me.
I’ve only just recently discovered Needle Felting but have found a love I didn’t know I had. I got the hang of it really quickly and now it’s something I can’t go a day without!

Cute bears needled felted, perfect for gifts

Discover more Felted Cuteness

If you like what you’ve seen here you should know- there’s a lot more to come!
Lauren’s amazing collection of felted animals is still growing, and every day she is getting her technique better, and learning how to create new and beautiful felted plushies.
To be the first person to see one of her new felted animal plushies, or be aware of any potential sales and promos, check out LozzaFelts Etsy shop’s Instagram & Facebook pages!


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for more unique felted baby animals and plushies!

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