Fine Art Photography- Available on Etsy!


If you’re looking for something truly inspiring to place on your wall (or at your desk) how about a nice photo? And when I say “nice” I mean- BREAT-TAKING!
I recently came accross as Etsy store called JamesClancy (simply named after it’s owner, a talented photographer). James Clancy is an Irish artist living in Trins, Tirol. He create pictures for people to enjoy, to look at and smile, fine art photography and literary art for book lovers.
His Literary Prints are amazing, giving you heart-warming quotes from famous men and women, designed within a card, which you could order in a variety of sizes. Here are my 3 fav quotes from James Clancy’s store:

James also has a great passion in photographing Nature and Landscapes, and his work is quite unique, and he chose to showcase nature mostly in Black and White. When you think of nature you often vision blue and green, but James’ B&W photography really made me change my mind on how I view nature:

Given that James is from Ireland, you’ll also be able to find a lot of Irish Landscape photos in his Etsy store…  Like this photo over here that showcases so many emotions, and one that can make any person seeing it- see different things in it, chaotic and beautiful at the same time…

So, if you’re looking for the perfect inspiring wall art,
or a gift to a nature and photography lover- stop by James’ store
you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

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