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So ladies- are you ready to fall in love?
They say that G#D is in the details, and I think that sentence was said about Floating Stitches Etsy store. This amazing store brings you bookmarks, magnates and decorations- all handmade (or maybe hand-stitched).

You will find amazing works of art there, ones that I was shocked to see someone actually made with their hands! But Lauren Paparone from Wake Forest, NC, United States, is doing just amazing work with her Etsy store (and ships world-wide!). Take a look at some of the items I found in her store:

floating-stitches-etsy-store guardian-angel-crochet-decoration leaf-clover-etsy

I would like to emphasis the importance of buying handmade items- You are not only getting a one of a kind item that no one else has- but you are also assisting a woman to fulfil her dream of starting her own business. So visit Lauren’s store and see if there’s anything there you like… You’d be surprised of how delighted you’d be just looking at her talent!

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