French Ephemera & Antique Postcards on Etsy


Could you please… Excuse my French?
ExcusemyFrenchShop is an Etsy store that’s gonna make you feel like you’re in Paris! With vintage postcards and oldy but goody cards- you’ll have the vibe of France within you.
This amazing store is owned by Vanessa, who ships her vintage items worldwide form France.

The store started with Vanessa’s love for Vintage. In her Etsy store she writes:

Simple pleasures in life are often the most rewarding. There’s nothing I enjoy more than waking early in the week-end to head to yard sales and flea markets. Furnishing my home, finding long-forgotten treasures and bringing them back to life.

So true.
With that in mind, Vanessa’s store will simply make you… FEEL. Feel love and passion, feel hurt and sad, feel alone or loved, but FEEL. And here are the items from her store that made me feel the most:

Vanessa also has in Instagram account for her store, where she displays unique items and some inspirational quotes. You must remember that vintage items are often one of a kind- so if you see something you like in Vanessa’s store you should not think too mush- simply get it! Go to her store to see more of her collection HERE or follow her on Instagram with a click of a button:

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