From a Graphic Design- to the Best Gift!


Meet Jonas, a graphic designer from Morocco.
Jonas is the owner of Factory1951 Etsy store, and he is showcasing his beautiful work in it, making it available for everyone to see, like, and purchase!

Jonas is not a canvas-artist, as his work is more… Useful.
In his store he takes his designs and turn them into carry all pouches, smartphone covers, pillow casings and more! The styles, colors and options- will make sure you’ll find what you need in there.

Perky Unicorns Custom Phone Case For Iphone Samsung Hard Cover Gift Print Iphone Case For Iphone X Limited Time Only

Since the holiday is nearly here, I thought it would be nice to stop thinking about gifts for Christmas 2017, and more about gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018… And if you got someone you love that needs a gift (even if that someone is YOU)- here are my favorite Valentine’s Day 2018 gift ideas from Jonas’ designs:

For prices, the story behind these designs, and more amazing and unique gift ideas- visit Factory1952 on Etsy!

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