Fun Embroidered Bags from Eastern Europe- Now 15% OFF!

Having traveled to Eastern Europe several times, there are a few things that always keep me coming back for more… The amazing food, the unique love of beauty locals seem to have, the gorgeous architecture, and of course- all the unique fashion accessories!
I think it affected me so much, that whenever I want to find a truly unique item on Etsy, I just search items from Eastern Europe. These shops- never let me down!

Embroidered Fish Decor Teenage Girl Gifts everyday bag

Handmade Embroidered Bags from Ukraine

After I posted on an Etsy sellers group, looking for unique Etsy sellers to write about, I read a comment from Natalia Danchuk, a Ukrainian fashion artisan, with the most unique embroidered bags that every woman & girl would love to have!
In her shop EmbroideredBagGifts, Natalia features some unique designs and color combinations, for all types of everyday bags!
Shoulder and cross-body bags, makeup and tampon purses, denim cell-phone bags, or small fabric multi-purpose wallets that will brighten up your appearance!

After 6 years of operating 2 other shops on Etsy, Natalia and her family decided to go into bag making, and their new shop is filled with unique items photographed to perfection- allowing you to really see the item and know what you’re getting before you order.

The unique vibe and style of Ukraine, combined with high-quality fabrics known to these parts of the world, is what gives EmbroideredBagGifts Etsy shop- such a huge potential.

Visit EmbroideredBagGifts Etsy shop for over 200 unique embroidered bags,
that are now on a special shop-opening sale of 15% off!

Maya Mey Aroyo

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