Funny Pinbacks & Personalized Magnets – Perfect For Your Christmas Stockings


It’s Christmas Eve, the stockings are looking at us as they are hanged on the wall of the fire place, and they are filled with… The sweetest little tokens of love and Christmas joy!

Funny Santa Flat Greeting Card Comes with Pinback Button, Santa humor

Suzanne Urban, from Connecticut, is the owner of SmirkingGoddess Etsy store, where she sells a huge variety of simple tokens of appreciation! Small pinback treats, fridge magnets & greeting cards- for Christmas and any other special occasion!

In Suzanne’s store you’ll find 340+ witty and lovely designs and ideas- available to you with a click of a button!
Here are my favorite stocking filling gifts from Suzanne’s store:

Visit Suzanne’s Etsy store TODAY !

This store is gay friendly!

Cute, Gay Lesbian Wedding Favor MAGNET-Gay Wedding Favor Magnet for Brides!

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