Funny tShirt Designs by TruePassionTees

If you’re looking for an interesting tshirt, for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone you love- you should really check out TruePassionTees Etsy shop.

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TruePassionTees is a cute Etsy boutique for unique printed tshirts that are simple, funny… And simply funny!
You’ll be able to find different styles of print designs on TruePassionTees, from a mama-bear print of the word mama inside the silhouette of a bear, or Darth Vader wearing a Christmas hat looking like the Darth that stole Christmas !

Here are some of my personal favorite tshirt designs from TruePassionTees:

On top of funny and well designed printed tshirts, TruePassionTees also holds a lovely collection of sweaters for that sweater-weather outside:

Like what you see?
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