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It’s the end of September… And you know what that means, don’t you?
We have about 1 more month till our favorite SciFi TV shows will return to the small screen and to our hearts! I love meeting like-minded people, especially ones that love Marvel as much as I do! As well as this, it is always exciting to shop around and be able to find so many comic-related pieces. From Batman hoodies, superman umbrellas, to even exclusive Wonder Woman jewelry, there’s plenty of memorabilia out there for us comic fans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of the ArrowVerse, if you’re a Marvel chick, or if you’re the hottest SuperNatural fan- if you consider yourself a Geek- this next Etsy store is for you!

Owned by Michelle & Becky Johnson, Etsy holds a little piece of geek-heaven called MagicGeekdom. In this Etsy corner you’ll be able to find some amazing art inspired by the geekiest TV shows there are.
Scarves, digital prints and a few geeky soaps are just a small part of the deal, when the major chic of this geek’s store are the SHOES! Of course many people love their shows, be they a beautiful range of espadrille wedges or a geeky styled pair of flats, so this is wonderful to see!

<< Scarves, Prints and soaps >>

Super awesome comfy white shoes are being turned into geek-art by these two lovely ladies, and in their store you’ll be able to find some amazing hand-painted shows, made to order in a variety of sizes.

EMOJI Custom Painted Shoes

Non-Matching shoes

The shoes are a bit different than regular shoes you’ll find in the stores, since the left side is mostly different from the right. Each of the 2 sides has a slightly different painting (or different all together) and together they make the final art piece that embodies the true meaning of the show/movie they were made to represent.

You’ll be able to find awesome WonderWoman shoes, Harry Potter painted shoes, Marvel’s Avengers shoes, and a huge Supernatural collection celebrating the characters we love the most (my favorite is Castiel).

The majority of the shoes in the store are made for women and come in women sizes. However, feel free to msg the 2 lovely sellers for kids sizes and/or men sizes… After all- who wouldn’t want their kids to look this happy? >>

cool kids with scifi sneakers

As you can see- the sky is the limit with these 2 creative geek souls, and if you want to make sure you’ll always get the news about new designs and future promotions you should definitely follow them on Social media!

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