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Etsy is a home for independent artists and craftsmen and women to display their awesome creations. As such it’s a place where you could find beautiful accessories, items you wouldn’t easily find anywhere else.

One of Etsy’s biggest success was a store called CharmingChakras.
Owned by Laura, from Tennessee, United States, this store has over 800 sales, and managed to maintain a 5 star rating since opening the store earlier this year.
In Laura’s store you’ll be able to find some amazing and simple pendants with unique stones inside… These pendants are great for beauty, accessorizing, and also focus, with their special stones acting as guides to your chakras.

As much that we can go on and on about this store and the beautiful items it holds,
why won’t I just show you?

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As you’ve probably noticed above, this seller also sells supplies for other artists in forms of these unique stones made in a size that one crafty man or woman could turn into a jewelry piece.

See more of what Laura has to offer
by visiting her Etsy store!

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