Genuine Gemstone Jewelry with Canadian Appraisal


If you’re looking for high quality genuine gemstone jewelry- you don’t have to go far.
Well, you’ll need to go to Canada- but you could do it in a click!

14K White Gold Natural Tanzanite (3.60 ct) drop Earrings, Appraised 1600 CAD

One talented jewelry designer from Canada is selling the most unique genuine gemstone jewelry pieces on Etsy, in a shop called: CaeruleumJewelry.
There are so many unique jewelry items in this shop.. All checked and appraised in Canada to show their true value. However, amongst all of these beautiful genuine gemstone jewelry- what stood out most to me were the 14K yellow gold items- that are simply astonishing!

Amazed by the quality of this shop’s jewelry- happy shoppers posted pictures of themselves wearing the items they got! And they are truly unique and high quality pieces!

If you want to see more from this seller
Read the details and appraisal for each piece shown here
Visit CaeruleumJewelry Etsy shop today!

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