German Made Jewelry- Just a Hobby, or a True Gift?


A lot of people on Etsy start their business as a hobby. They have this thing they like to do, their art-therapy or craft-of-life and they decide to try and sell it to people outside their family and friends circles.
Bene is just like that… He’s a German jewelry designer- but claims it’s a hobby!!

I can understand the whole “hobby” approach, as he is not selling his items full time, but his work on making unique jewelry items from practically any material- is so impressive it can’t remain JUST a hobby!

Just have a look at his unique jewelry design style and see for yourselves:

Wooden pendant necklace, mosaic, round, gift, boho hippie pendant Brass ring Möbius handmade, massive, hand-crafted Ring paper, Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales, laminated Ring Mark, 2 German Mark, Metal Ring

Bene sells his beautiful items on his Etsy shop- AstJaegerTeam, as well as on his Redbubble account (selling items with prints of his work).

Here is my personal favorite item from AstJaegerTeam shop- it’s a special Brass ring with a feeling of craftsmanship on it- with the upper part of the ring resembling blacksmiths tools.

Brass ring anvil, blacksmith, handmade, massive, hand-crafted

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You’ll find so many things here… beautiful craft works in wood- and not just jewelry!


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