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I found it often weird that people who once were excited about having a pair of jeans from the newest collection are now looking for Vintage second hand items. Maybe our generation is finally starting to realise that something new is something that everyone has, but Vintage is often one of a kind.

With that thought in mind I went into Etsy and searched for some Vintage items to give me inspiration. I came across a cool store, with amazing vintage items from all of the good years (the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s). The store is called CollectionsByAnn, and it is one store you do not want to miss!

Store owner, Ann Mills, lives in Clawson, MI, United States, and ships her amazing vintage collectibles worldwide. If you are in the United States you’d probably be happy to here that you would be able to get shipments from her store for FREE! Another special sale with Ann’s Collections is her latest coupon code for 20% off- SPRINGFLING. But frist- take a look at some of the cool stuff she has to offer:

Vintage Pins

On top of the georgues necklaces that Ann collected (Like the one at the top of the page), I found the most unique pins at her Etsy store… My personal tip- use the pins to decorate bags and hats- not just shirts!

vintage-pin flower-vintage-pin ike-pin-vintage

The Bangles

Oh, the years that have passed were filled with these amazing bangles that we all saw on TV shows and adored. Ann got some of the most unique bangles in her Etsy store, and I fell in love with these very different designs:

vintage-black-bangle vintage-bangle

Ann has got so many other cool and truly unique items in her vintage collection. She got clutch bags and jewellery that would blow you away… So drop by her Etsy store, and don’t forget to use coupon code SPRINGFLING for 20% off any item!

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