Get Spooky Out There with a Fangs Face Mask

When the Covid19 crisis started, in the beginning of last year (or end of 2019 in China), we thought that face masks were a thing that will soon blow over. We were wrong. For the time being, it seems like the face mask is here to stay, so we might as well make the most of it! So, why not wear cute masks? Funny masks? Fangs face masks even?
While we might hate these face masks and having to wear them all the time, we have talented people around the world that spend their days coming up with creative face mask designs to make us feel better on our day to day.
While this might seem weird for people from Western countries… When I was living in Bangkok in 2016 & 2018, wearing a face mask was a part of my day to day. Pollution is heavy on Bangkok, and I used to wear face masks whenever I left the house, especially if I was walking by foot, or on a motobike.
THUS, I found super cool face masks that kinda go with what I was wearing. As this was a common thing in Bangkok, it was so easy for me to find gorgeous face masks in any market. However, when Covid started, and I was in Romania- it was all white & grey for me.
Luckily, RedBubble, an online shop for items designed by freelance designers worldwide, started making face masks- and the designers of this site- got more and more creative with their designs. So, when searching for funny face masks, I found so many Fangs face masks I just LOVED!
Like this scary ONI face mask with fangs designed by Korrok:

oni face mask with fangs

** All of these face masks were designed by different people, and when you get a face mask from RedBubble- the shop makes it and ships it for you- and the designer who made it gets a commission! So, it’s a cute fangs face mask- and supporting a freelance graphic designer in these crazy times!
See a fangs face mask you like? Click on it to see more details on it and the person who designed it!

Here are some of my personal favorite fangs face masks from RedBubble:

white fangs face mask crazy vampire face mask with fangs black and white cute fangs face mask samurai face mask with fangs vampire face mask red lips and fangs face masks lady vampire face mask for women green snake fangs face masks monster face mask funny face masks

Click on the Face mask with fangs you liked
or go to RedBubble for more Fangs Face Mask designs!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach