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If you’re looking to keep yourself warm this winter- you must know that a knitted hat or a good pair of gloves would make a huge difference! There are so many gloves and hats out there that you can go lost with the colours and the designs… However- most of them are generic, mass-produced, and don’t hold the best materials inside. If you want something truly unique and comfy you might want to pay a visit to CleverHandKnits Etsy store.

Owned by Leah Goldstein from New York- this store will have what you need to keep warm and be stylish at the same time! Here are some of her awesome designs, all handmade and ready to be shipped to wherever you are in the world!

Leah’s day job is far from her Etsy creations, as she works as a research analyst. But her passion for design and creativity is shown throughout her Etsy store.

Store owner also sells instant download files on how to make a nifty sweater if you’ve already got some knitting skills- so go ahead and check out Leah’s store now!


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