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The online market for handmade good, Etsy, didn’t only allow us to get awesome gifts for the people we love from all across the world… But also to the pooches we love!
Your dogs are a part of your family- and they too deserve an awesome handmade gift from across the globe!

For that purpose I searched Etsy for new stores that offer high quality products for dogs. It was hard for me to decide if I want to share a shop that sells awesome handmade puppy toys, or a shop that offers healthy grooming products for dogs. Lucky for me- I found a store that sells both!

A unique pooch-grooming shop from Italy just opened on Etsy this year – VillaPucciDogResort, and the owner, Rowena, is also offering a variety of handmade puppy toys. Her shop is the perfect place to spoil your friend on all fours with a unique gift from Italy that will be both healthy, and useful.

Shampoodle-Shampoo Bar for Dogs

My favorite product in this store is these foot fizzers for dogs- special bath bombs that you can use in shallow water to thoroughly clean your dog’s feet, revers any damage that might have been caused by feet-chewing and even prevent future foot chewing.

Foot Fizzers For Dogs

See more on VillaPucciDogResort dog grooming shop!

Handmade Snuffle Mats

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