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If you’re looking to add some bling to your life- you need to visit Center Stage Bling Etsy shop!

The shop is owned by a woman by the name of Chaketa, and this woman has a unique style and touch for everything that blings and glitters!

3 Solid Color Glitter Bottle Vases : Glitter Vase : Glitter Home Decor : Glitter Centerpiece : Glitter Flower Vase : Gift Idea : Accent Vase

You should find her shop useful if you’re shopping for a gift for someone with style, a housewarming party you were invited to, if you’re having a party and looking for unique centerpieces (her items would look amazing for weddings!), or if you simply want to add some bling to your home or dorm-room. She also has an amazing collection of blinged out glitter covered hookahs!!

As Chaketa is a stay at home mom (homeschooling her kids), her Etsy shop is a way for her to get creative, bring income to her household- while still being a full time mom and teacher! She is the exact reason why I love Etsy so much!

If you have an item in mind that you think would look amazing covered in glitters- let Chaketa know by clicking on the “Custom Request” button in her shop! She’s always happy to bring people’s ideas to life!

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More bling and glitter awaits you there!

Visit Center Stage Bling on Etsy for more!

Pink Glitter and Rhinestone 11inch Personal Hookah

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