Hand Crafted Wooden Ring Dishes for Your Valuables


If you don’t know what a ring-dish is- than you probably don’t have too many rings on your hand.
A ring dish is a special bowl or plate that is meant for your to place your rings, watch, and other jewelry in- when you come home.
Not to be confused with a jewelry box- a ring dish is a bowl meant for you to easily take off, and keep close, jewelry items you use frequently or daily.

If you use an ordinary dish for this purpose- you might find that time and movement are hurting either the dish, your jewels- or both. If you go freestyle- you might lose your valuables… So- the perfect ring dish is one made from wood- and I know just the crafty person for that…

Owner of LumberGifts Etsy store has made amazing ring dish designs and is selling them for affordable prices. His designs will be made as you order them- and they would be hand crafted just for you!

So, know someone with special everyday jewelry items?
Surprise them with their very own ring dish from 

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