Hand Drawn Pet Portraits by Genevieve Schlueter


If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a friend on all-fours, or remember a pet-family-member you’ve lost- nothing beats a good hand-sketch.

The custom portrait industry have grown a lot in the past few years, with a lot of different “artists” rising up and showing up on Etsy promising to custom-make your pet photo into a portrait. As someone who’s been “living” online for the past 10 years, and has had her share of graphic design- I can clearly see that the majority of these “artists” basically use a generic computer software to create these portraits.

Sure of myself that there are still solid actual artists there I set out to find the perfect hand-sketched pencil portrait of a pet. That’s when I found Genevieve Schlueter.

Genevieve Schlueter pet portraits

Genevieve Schlueter is a small town girl and a self taught artist.
Her love for her two beautiful dogs only pales in comparison for the love she has for her husband- who’s totally supportive of her following her artistic dreams.

After dedicating a decade from her life to truly honing her art, Genevieve is the proud owner of Etsy shop SchlueterSketchStu, a place where the magic happens in pencil!

Custom Pet Portrait 4x6 Special Size Hand Drawn Graphite Pencil Sketch from Your Photos Gift Idea for Family or Friends

How does this work?

When you find a style of portrait you like from Genevieve’s shop- contact her and let her know the size of the portrait you’ll want- and how many pets are in it!
Once that is set- you send her the picture you’d like sketched and leave her for her creative time.
Once the job is done- she’ll send you photos of the work and eventually- the art portrait itself!
As she’s extremely accessible- if you have any questions at all- please contact her on the Etsy msg board (via the Contact Seller button) or through her social channels.

Custom Pet Portrait 4x6 Special Size Hand Drawn Graphite Pencil Sketch from Your Photos Gift Idea for Family or Friends Custom Pet Portrait Dog Sketch Personalized Drawing of Your Pet cute packaging Custom Pet Portrait Gift Certificate:Card for a 5x7 Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photo

You can find out a lot about Genevieve, her art and lifestyle, from her personal bio on Etsy, as well as connect to all of her designs and works through social media!
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Visit SchlueterSketchStu Etsy shop today for more!

Pet Portrait Custom Hand Drawn Pencil Pet Memorial Gifts for Her Dog Art

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