Hand Felted Traditional Swedish Tomte


Meet MyTomte, a cute Etsy store selling amazingly adorable gnomes designed with a Scandinavian influence. MyTomte is located in Lincols, UK, and you’ll find 3 key items there, three gnomes: White, red and green, meant to help you celebrate Xmas all year long.
The gnomes have names, and personalities, Snovit (Snow white hat), Gron (with the green hat) and Rod (with the red hat), complete each other in their nature and character… And in some cultures, these gnomes have the same spiritual effects as that of precious and luck stones.
A Tomte is for life, not just for Christmas… But no need for words when you have these beautiful and cute images of the gnomes in the store:

green-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome green-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome red-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome red-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome white-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome white-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome white-tomte-christmas-decoration-norwegian-gnome

Go to Etsy to see how to get these adorable and funky gnomes!

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