Hand Lettered Apparel is the New Trend of this Season!


There are about a million of printed tshirts on Etsy. Well, who am I kidding…More than a million!
They feature some awesome designs, unique sketches, funny animals, and well thought of texts…however, when was the last time you saw a hand written text on a tshirt?

Babysaurus Onesie- Infant or Toddler Onesie- Mother's Day Gift- Raglan Onesie- Baby Shower Gift- Unisex Baby Dino Onesie-Toddler tee

A 2 teachers duo has decided to add some extra $$ to their households by sharing their love for fashion- while making tshirts and outfits for men, women and even babies- all with hand lettered texts!
Unique shirts with low caps letter starters, swirly hand written text surrounding icons, shirts especially made for teachers, and even seasonal outfits for Christmas and Halloween, are all waiting for you in their Etsy shop- SouthPawsDesignCo!

The two women, Laura Mullen & Kellee Browning, have just started this Etsy adventure last year, but already feature more than 120 items, and scored almost 350 sales! (while maintaining a perfect 5 star rating!)

So, if you liked the items here on this post, go ahead and visit this unique Etsy shop for hand written font texts on high quality apparel! You can also visit their custom category “style change” that will help you custom a design for your liking!

Mermaid at Heart- girl's fringe tee- handlettered tee-mermaid shirt- summer outfit- beach shirt- summer girl- mermaid girl- mermaid outfit

Have fun shopping at SouthPawsDesignCo!

Teach your heart out 3:4 Length Raglan Shirt- Teacher Tee- Handlettered Shirt- Teacher Shirt - Custom Long Sleeve Tee - Book Shirt -Cozy

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