Hand Painted Bags From The UK


If you’re looking for something truly unique- you’ll probably be able to find it on Etsy.
Etsy is an online market place for handmade goods, made by REAL people residing all over the world. The sellers there are often more creative and unique in their work than anything you’ll be able to find in any big brand’s store… Much like going to an arts & crafts fair- without leaving the house!

One of those unique sellers is a talented woman from the UK who opened her business with another hardworking woman to create a brand called MadeInCreative. Their Etsy store will bring joy to any of you who love bright and strong colors on everyday items like pouches and makeup bags. Using new fabrics mixed with recycled fabrics, some dye and a sewing machine- these lovely ladies have made a beautiful collection of toiletry bags, totes and charms- that will bring more color into your lives! And here are some of my personal favorite models:

Visit Made In Creative Etsy store for more UK designs!

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