Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry from Canada


If you’re looking for a unique gift to give an artistic-spiritual person, or looking for something for yourself- you should definitely check out GemmaLuna Etsy store.
Named after it’s creator, Gemma, GemmaLuna is a wonderful Etsy boutique that ships beautiful jewelry to everywhere you’ll be!

Mixed Metal Artisan Earrings Copper Earrings Metalsmith OOAK

The Canadian seller, Gemma, is a talented crafts-woman, who enjoys everything that you can create or get inspiration from. In her store you’ll find beautiful artisan jewelry pieces that were handcrafted by her to reflect what she sees in her creative mind!
Her items vary from artisan brass earrings to sterling silver bib necklaces, but her most beautiful work is, to my taste, her mixed-metal jewelry collection that embodies several metal “characters” in one piece.

You can visit Gemma’s Artisan Etsy store HERE or follow her on Instagram to get all the latest updates and new designs!

Brass Wings Bold Pendant Hand Crafted Artisan Metalsmith Labradorite OOAK

You could also check out her Biography in her website, where you’d be amazed to find out that Gemma Luna not only creates physical art… But also music!

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