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There are so many different and amazing things to find on the Esty store, from watch to an initial necklace to even things for your pets. So, imagine how much fun it was to stumble tonto Lori Kimble’s shop! Lori Kimble is the owner of FernAndFiligree Etsy shop- and she has some interesting vintage style pendant necklaces for you!

What caught my eye originally on Lori’s store, was the most beautiful Celtic necklace. I have a thing (some people would say) with karma and other spiritual beliefs, and Celtic symbols have always been somewhat of an interest of mine.
Lori’s collection of Celtic style pendant necklace is impressive, and you can see that her work is flawless!

Celtic Horse Skeleton Key Necklace- Green and Gold Celtic Seahorse Pendant Necklace - Druid Jewelry - gift for women - unisex necklace Celtic Necklace - Two Birds Celtic Knot Pendant- Antique Brass - Green and Gold - Gift for Women - Jewelry Under 30 Celtic Seahorse Necklace - Green and Gold - Celtic Knot Pendant - Celtic Jewelry - Gift for Women - Gift for Men - Jewelry Under 30

However, Lori’s store and talent accedes creating Celtic necklaces, and goes deep into making vintage style pendants that lay tribute to the greatest artists, the ones before our time.In a special collection, Lori shares pendant necklaces with images of famous art pieces known to all:

Van Gogh Sunflowers Pendant necklace - Art Print Necklace - Gift for Art Lover - Gift for Women - antique bronze pendant necklace- Trio of Van Gogh pendant necklace -Starry Night - Irises - Cafe Terrace at night - antique bronze and silver necklace - gift for artist

In her Etsy store, Lori writes about why she started her Etsy business:

I started making the cabochon necklaces because each one can tell a little story or accent any outfit you are wearing without costing an arm and a leg. Once I began working with the cabochons, I became hooked on all the possibilities of design!

Lilac and Canary necklace - Bird necklace - Vintage style pendant necklace - Gift for women

On top of the two design-ideas I have shown you above, Lori has made other necklaces, some music-inspired, some feature birds, other celebrate a holiday (like Christmas or Halloween), and the conclusion is simple- Lori simply has the right eye and touch for pendant design.

If you like what you’ve seen so far- go and visit Lori’s store on Etsy… You’ll find that she has a special email list that enables its members to get a 20% discount coupon code… Use it wisely!

See more amazing pendant necklaces by Lori here

Rainbow mandala necklace - Colorful Abstract pendant - gifts for women - necklace for women - Buddhism Universe

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